Mozambique Graphite Mining: Triton Minerals Ltd. [ASX:TON] – Metallurgical Results for Balama North 


Preliminary partial metalurgical results from the Cobra Plains deposit shows the total carbon recovery of 96%. The weighted average total graphitic carbon of the concentrate produced is 94.5%, (including a high of 97.1%). The graphite is readily liberated by crushing, grinding, rougher and cleaner flotation with regrind. Additional metallurgical work to be undertaken to refine the recovery process.

Reviewing options to see if the concentrate can be further upgraded using supplementary treatments 

Triton Minerals Limited is pleased to provide the preliminary metallurgical results from the Cobra Plains Deposit at the Balama North project. 

A bulk sample of just over 100kgs was taken from the drill core of diamond drill hole TMBD0001, which is located in the northern section of the the Cobra Plains deposit. 

Triton confirms the bulk sample was provided to ALS Metallurgy in Adelaide for the metallurgical analysis, which is still underway and the Company is providing these initial partial results in order the keep the market fully informed. 

The straight forward extraction methods of crushing, grinding and rougher and cleaner flotation with regrind has produced a high-grade graphite concentrate of up to 97.1% TGC. The results are shown in Tables 1 and 2 below. 

These initial partial results are very positive and demonstrates the graphitic material liberates very well by using straight forward and proven extraction methods of crushing, grinding and flotation to obtain high grade graphite concentrate. This bulk sample was obtained from diamond drill hole TMBD0001 and the Company feels these preliminary metallurgical results are a good indication of the style of graphitic mineralisation in the Balama North project, Triton Managing Director Brad Boyle said.

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