“Petroleum and Mines Laws hurts Mozambican interests”, Analyst Committee

The Committee of Agriculture, Economy and Environment of the Assembly of the Republic, responsible for reviewing proposals for revision of the laws of Mines and Petroleum considers that paragraph 1 of article 10 of the latter , “is detrimental to Mozambicans” by imposing prohibitive conditions to access to these titles for mineral resources exploration.

That article says “may hold rights to engage in petroleum operations, Mozambican people or foreign legal entities registered in Mozambique who demonstrates adequate competence, technical expertise and financial resources for the effective conduct of petroleum operations funding.”

That article, in the opinion of the committee , is not taking into account the fact that most Mozambicans who should also be addressed in this process does not have the capacity to respond to those requirements, then the chairman of that working team, Francisco Macanheia have stated that it is “harmful to Mozambicans ” .


This position was expressed during the listening session to the Mozambican Minister of Industry and Trade, Armando Inroga, on the review of these two legal instruments, held last Monday (24th March) .

The purpose of the meeting was to hear from the Minister, as an integral part of the tenderer, in this case, the Government, some clarification on matters relating to his department, integrated in the two laws, and also a possible way out of the case. However, Inroga stated at the time it was up to the committee to evaluate how it will safeguard the question both in the letter as well as in the spirit of the law.

To support its point, the Committee chairman said: “in the event of a Mozambican national who does not fulfill these requirements in Article, discover a mineral resource, how would be safeguarded his right to use that resource. But even though, Inroga declined to take a position on this specific case claiming that he did not have a finished statement for this situation.

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