Natural Gas Bonanza: JOGMEC, Partners Conduct Mozambique Gas Utilization Study

ImageAt the “Mozambique – Japan Investment Forum” in Maputo, attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President of Mozambique Armando Guebuza, JOGMEC, ENH and MITSUI signed a JSA to apply JAPAN-GTL process with the aim of the utilization of the gas produced from offshore Mozambique.

JOGMEC and MITSUI have begun studying how to progress specifically with the joint study. JOGMEC visited Mozambique early March to launch the work at the local site under the cooperation of ENH. In future JOGMEC plans to proceed with the work of the application to the local site in collaboration with stakeholders.

Establishing the applicability of JAPAN-GTL Process, it is expected that the Joint Study contributes for commercializing JAPAN-GTL Process and more strengthening the relationships between Mozambique and Japanese companies along with JOGMEC for our contribution to natural gas utilization in Mozambique.

Mozambique draws a great deal of global attention for the discovery of large-scale offshore gas fields. JOGMEC provides equity capital to Mitsui E&P Mozambique Area 1 Ltd., which is the subsidiary company of MITSUI and holds participating interests in Rovuma Offshore Area 1 Block, Mozambique. The front-end engineering and design (FEED) for the Mozambique LNG project from the gas fields has been working on and LNG produced from the project is expected to be exported to foreign countries including Japan. Besides the LNG project, the domestic utilization of the natural gas is also considered with expectation to contribute to society and economic growth of Mozambique.

Press Release, March 20, 2014; Image: JOGMEC

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